FGC Industrial Construction and Services Corporation

Building up Vision,


FGC Industrial Construction and Services Corp. (FGC Corp.)

                         Aimed to be a World Class and competitive Technical Service provider. We are offering our expertise to support operation and maintenance of our customers competitively. We envisioned to develop, train and utilize local manpower to share our expertise to help the community and help reduce the project cost significantly.

                        At FGC Corp., our team has been involved in various multi-million/billion projects globally. Our Field Engineers, Supervisors and technicians are involved in various capacities within these projects in the LNG production, on/off-shore, Downstream/Upstream and Power Generation facilities during the life-cycle of the plant from Installation, Commissioning, Operating/Maintenance, Upgrades and various services. Our team developed expertise on these fields. There are many projects we were involved globally from various countries in the Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, Australia and other regions. We are well exposed in various Cultures and Customs making us a multi-culture experienced Field Service personnel.


FGC Corp.

We are maintenance service provider for the Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Industrial Facilities utilizing GE Gas Turbines and Steam Turbines. Specifically we are specialized in Heavy Duty Frame Gas Turbines and Aeroderivatives Gas Turbines. Our team is composed of Engineers, Supervisors and Technicians. We have proven good track records in dealing with different challenges within each phase of every projects we are involved in. This makes our team a very capable to support various industrial installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance services in any regions of the world.

Target Industries

Power Generation Facilities

Steam and Gas Turbine power plants using various types of fuels.

Oil & Gas Onshore/Offshore Facilities

From Upstream to Downstream operation to LNG production.

Industrial & Commercial Facilities

Industries using Steam and Gas Turbines in their Operation and Power Generation.